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I dunno. I'm not really a fan of the franchise but if Nolan does a Bond film, I'd watch it.

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He's just thinking out loud.

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yeh but if they offered it to him doesnt mean hed say no.

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Bond producers won't give up final cut to anyone ever, and that'd be a dealbreaker for both sides with Nolan.

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Few people were arguing and discussing this whole bond idea with me in one of these forums that Nolan would never do it. I am glad that the news is out now. I hope he takes on the bond films soon.

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I can watch anything which is Nolanized. - Mr.Hmmm

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Nolan + Bond= Society Win
Why you lurking my page brah?

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I think Bond is a great character that has rarely, if ever, seen his true potential. I would love to see what Nolan does with the character.

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