Writing a letter to Syncopy?

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Syncopy doesn't seem to have a website, an email, or any legitimate social media presence, but I have found apparent physical addresses for them in Hollywood and London.

I know it's a longshot and a waste of time and postage, but if one were to hypothetically write them and ask about the possibility of releasing Tarantella and Larceny, or ways to view the film - perhaps they are archived somewhere where I can go to a facility and watch on my own time (library let's say) - do you think they'd reply?

Id have my email and phone number in the information, and I'd make it as professional and not fanboish as possible, but NOT being able to view these things and not being able to have any information about them at all kind of needles me.

I figured a nicely worded consise email might be able to give me answers. Maybe they'll be on a future DVD/Blu of Nolans films.

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Go for it.
You have nothing to lose but possibly alot to gain.

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Syncopy is probably just a company that exists for tax purposes. I doubt you'll have any luck contacting them. But go for it !!

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