Favorite Nolan Batman Film

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What is your Favorite Christopher Nolan directed Batman film?

Batman Begins
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Rises
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And here we....GO.

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This is a difficult question to answer. Objectively, The Dark Knight would seem to be the best of the "Nolan Batman" franchise. It's narrative is direct, it's story linear, it's morality ambiguous. From a more adolescent standpoint, it also represents Batman at the peak of his powers ---young yet experienced, strong and agile, bound to his moral code and always emerging triumphant. It is only towards the end of the film that we see him failing, and even in the decision assume the blame for the grotesque deeds of Harvey "Two-Face" Dent, he perpetuates a lie that gives false hope to the people of Gotham. This struggle to maintain virtue seems impossible to win, and the ending provided is solidly grounded in reality.

The Dark Knight Rises, however, seems to focus on emphasizing the importance of truth. The lies brought about for "the greater good" in The Dark Knight come to their destructive fruition in this final installment, which is a narrative much more in line with my own philosophy. Additionally, the emotional power of this film seems to transcend the already potent feelings present in the previous installments. We see Batman's "family", as it were, pushed to incredible limits, yet maintaining an honest love for one another. We see supporting characters grow, and even the villains have a touch of humanity (a very small touch, it may be said).

Therefore, at the present moment, I find myself leaning toward The Dark Knight Rises as being my favorite Batman film. It's a subjective question, is it not? Again, viewed objectively The Dark Knight is perhaps the superior film, but it's successor touched me more deeply, and imparted a more hopeful message than the films prior to it. Marion Cotillard's presence in The Dark Knight Rises may have garnered a small amount of my favor as well, though this is highly improbable. Maybe.

I shall attempt to refrain from submitting a vote until I have had the chance to more thoroughly analyze the films in comparison to one another.

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The Dark Knight Rises for sure.

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The Dark Knight Rises is the better Batman Film, but The Dark Knight is the better film in general.

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I love all 3 with a passion and will defend them all with my life. I think it's mys favourite trilogy of all time but to decide between is hard but has to go to The Dark Knight. As its my favourite film as well. Close though. They're all great and your know you've got a fantastic trilogy when it's hard to choose. Now I've only seen TDKR once and I'm seeing it again this week so I'm sure my opinion will only rise since I start seeing all the beuty within it which I missed first time. It was my 5th viewing of TDK that made me realise how perfect it is and I'm sure TDKR will be the same. I'm dying to see it again.

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Has anyone posted this yet? I'm too lazy to go through all the forums searching for one image.


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TDR because i can relate to it more for some odd reason. :?

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It's a tough choice but if someone puts a gun on my head I will choose TDK. :shifty:

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I LOVE the trilogy, but TDKR gave me everything that I wanted to see in a Batman movie. I laugh, I clap, I cry...

What AMAZING experience!

And that moment is one of the most BADASS action scenes I ever seen in my life:


And the scene with the Gotham cops x Bane's Army. OMFG! That scene is just AWESOME!

Btw, I don't need more Batman movies. That trilogy gave me everything!


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