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I love Kaufman's work and that won't change, of course, but in interviews he seems like a prick and a malcontent.

Nolan's always gonna get shade from some filmmakers and journalist partly out of jealousy of his success and the freedom/resources at his disposal to make films.

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radewart wrote:
July 1st, 2020, 3:09 am
Robin wrote:
March 4th, 2020, 7:48 pm
"Is Netflix bad for cinema?" Charlie Kaufman was just asked at
"Christopher Nolan says it is. But he's living in a different world. Y'know... fuck you."

Edit: FYI Kaufman is making a film for Netflix
Kaufman must of been reallllly mad about Nolan's Netflix comment.

This is an excerpt from his upcoming book
To be fair, this is from a character in his book. It is also making fun of stereotypes (I'm smarter than you etc.) in the sentences below, so I don't see this as mean-spirited or someone spewing angry vitriol. I've written this many times before, but takes such as "Spielberg is sentimental shit", "Nolan is cold" (or the one Kaufman used), "Tarantino makes empty, violent films", "Cameron can't write", "Wes Anderson makes empty dollhouse films" etc. is bound to happen when you're successful, especially in the mainstream. The more success, the more hate. Nolan has gotten off easy so far.

"They'll Love Me When I'm Dead" as Orson Welles once said.

Edit: Apropos of stereotypes and cheap tricks, just saw this from one of better US critics. A perfect example of this:

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God, these film sites :facepalm:

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Kauffman is really just rationalizing his self percieved lack of filmmaking balls, as authenticity, witch on its own does`nt bother me as much as makes me pity him a bit, but when he goes of his way to put himself above someone like Chris, and condemn his ambition interpreting it as fake, its down right delution.

This could be taken out of context though, if its part of a bigger text, perhaps there is more to this and i could change my mind.
PD: it seems like that was the case, more like hyperbole and performance in that statement haha.

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Olivia Wilde called Nolan a genius while wishing him a HBD on Instagram :D

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@ 32:15
“I’m probably the biggest Christopher Nolan fan on the planet right now.”

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Game recognizes game.

Also, really love when he talks about his key influences. It’s so genuine.

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Ace wrote:
August 1st, 2020, 12:44 pm

@ 32:15
“I’m probably the biggest Christopher Nolan fan on the planet right now.”
I read the books used for the film. I'm really looking forward to the premiere of the film, the film adaptation is interesting. I really liked the books. I hope the film does not disappoint.

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