Best scene ever.

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IWatchFilmsNotMovies wrote:
Hands down.

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allstarr55js wrote:
IWatchFilmsNotMovies wrote:
Hands down.

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Mmmm... hard question. It's impossible for me to pick only one scene which I consider the best scene of all time... so I will name a movie: The Lord of the Rings-trilogy. Yes, it's three movies, but these are the movies that feature most of my favorite movie scenes. Just a few of them:

Gandalf battling the Balrog - One of the epicest fight scenes of all time, beginning with one of my favorite quotes: "Fly, you fools". And then the fall. EPIC.

The arrival of the Rohirrim - Théoden and his soldiers shouting "Death" and then attacking the hordes of orcs without fear. Mindblowing.

Gandalf vs. the Witch-king - even though it's not faithful to the books and the mytology of Middle-Earth (considering Gandalf's strength compared to the Witch-king), it's one of the biggest battle of words on screen. What the Witch-king says makes me always shiver. "Do you not know Death when you see it, old man?"

In front of the Black Gates - Aragorn saying "For Frodo" and then attacking the unbeatable enemy with Pippin and Merry running just after him is the scene where I literally could cry every time I see the movie.

Gandalf vs. Saruman - I've heard many people saying that this fight scene is ridiculous, but I totally disagree. The bizarre way Gandalf is manipulated physically by Saruman is, I think, the best interpretation of a magical fight ever. Yeah, it's better than Voldemort vs. Dumbledore in the Order of Phoenix.

Gandalf uttering the words of the Black Tongue in Rivedell - What makes it one of my favorite movie scenes is Sauron's horrible, terrifying and powerful voice in the background. Oh, and seeing Elrond and Legolas having pain hearing those words. Powerful scene, indeed.

And the best of the best: Gollum and Frodo fighting over the Ring - Beginning with Frodo saying "The ring is mine", then Gollum comes in and fights with an invisible foe. After Frodo's finger gets bitten off, he stands up desperately and continues the struggle with Gollum. Epicest of epic epicness. And the scene after the bite where Gollum finally recovers his Precious... that look on Gollums face and the beautiful music playing in the background... it's just... it's unexplainably good.

Of course there are many great movie scenes in many other movies, but, as I've said above, this is the movie (or these are the movies) that contain most of my favorite scenes.

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I've watched this scene more than a hundred of times, but it stills... hypnotize me. Don't know why.

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Nobody mentioned these gems:

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Mr. Caine wrote:Nobody mentioned these gems:

+100,000,000, especially for No Country for Old Men.

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Shawshank Redemption hands down. It's emotional scenes overall and ending was the best ending ever. So far.

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