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So I wrote 3 songs/poems in the past week, because of things happening in my life. I'm quite proud of them, as they've been helping me deal with issues now. At least some of the problems are slowly getting better, and the rest.. well, I hope they will soon too, since I know I can make them so..
I contradict myself in them which made me laugh, since it shows the difference in my thinking throughout the week.

there must be a place saved for me
up beyond the clouds
a place of comfort and of freedom
from social shackles and bounds

like a lonely hawk up in the sky
i've searched far for that place
but all that i have in my life
is sickness and disgrace

don't betray me, ghost of the past
in those times ahead
i'm uncertain and i'm weary
of failing to pretend

i once saw a mask of gold
i wish i had it now
though deformity and fakeness
i could never self allow

letting go of the present
is truly my one wish
so i could find that place up in the sky
and get rid of my leash

Life of an Optimist
only when we learn to write, we can build our culture
only when we beat outselves, we can win our future
but she doesn't seem to care or mind
that these drugs will make her blind
and the past just fades away
like the dream of night at day

how can we stay on the right track
when we can't even look back
how can we plan what lies ahead
when it's the present that we dread

erato, sing to me and make me see
who's the person i can be
but in order to know what can be done
i need to know the person i've become

i look in the mirror in disgust
when did i lose all my self trust
and if i can't accept what i see
how could i ever be what i need to be

all questions have an answer, if we really look
if i could open my mind and read my own book
but i know i'll find my place in this cruel world
when this path that i dream of will finally unfold

let's move together to a far away land
where the music keeps playing
and no one needs to pretend

how can i ever unsee what i've seen
how can we let go of the state that we're in
there must be a way for us to smile once again
a way to let go of darkness and pain

a storm deep within
like heaven and hell collide
the mind is the watchman
you must abide

it might be confusing, bleak and full of dust
but don't let go of your present
don't give up on your past

the future's in the distance
the lighthouse in the dark
you just need to be strong until you win back the spark

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Uhm...I write songs, some of which are on YouTube under my real name. I also write fanfiction for several fandoms - two WIPs and a fourquel which has yet to be planned and written. I haven't written a song since March, though, which makes me feel kind of sad; usually quite regular with my songwriting. :cry:

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I wrote some shit, got bored with it so I stopped.

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I write film scripts. I am currently typing one and I recently typed a script to a project a friend was making.

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jibran wrote:
niniendowarrior wrote:Finished another. Aravyan Nocturne.

Thought that said 'Aryan Nocturne' for a second and felt a bit alarmed.
Phew! Good thing it wasn't that! If you're working on that, good luck and share if you can/want! :goNF:

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Based4Life wrote:I wrote some shit, got bored with it so I stopped.

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