Before 2012 I want to.....

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On Facebook one day a friend and I were joking about 2012. Then as a joke we started playing this game. You need to complete the phrase "Before 2012 I want to..." by using a plot line from a movie. For example, "Before 2012 I want to save a city from a homicidal clown."

Easy enough?

I'll start.

Before 2012 I want to plant an idea into a person's subconscious.

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before 2012 i want to have split personalities

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Before 2012 I want to erase my ex-girlfriend from my memories

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Before 2012 I want to hitchike through the USA.

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Before 2012 I wanna meet Amanda Seyfried.. :lol:

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Before 2012 I want, will, see the new Batman.

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before 2010 i want to walk the line

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Before 2012 I want to meet Christopher Nolan.

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Before 2012 I want to buy an Canon HV20 camera ... and shot some films :D

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Before 2012 I wanna have sex with and then kill some hookers.

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