The 1st Annual Hunger Games - Directors Edition

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So theres this nifty little simulator that is getting popular and I've decided it would be a fun little game to play here on NolanFans. I'm putting this in the Forum Fun section and not the Entertainment section because this is not a tourney where you vote on directors through their films. It is merely a sim game for shits and giggles, I have no say on who lives and who dies.

The rules are just as they are in the actual Hunger Games: 12 Districts, 2 tributes to each district. The simulator will determine who lives and dies through each round.

Here is where you come in. Each poster can name only one director per post because there are only 24 spots in total. So don't spout off 5 directors in a post or I'll just take the first one you named and add that. This gives everyone a chance to submit one while the slots are still open. Unlike the tourney in the Entertainment section, this is for fun so you can pick whoever you want. You want to see Michael Bay team up with Stanley Kubrick? Why the hell not. Pick whoever pops into mind.

Once all districts have been set, I will begin the game. I will obviously update the thread with screenshots of all the action as it happens. On that note, The Reaping has begun! So start posting directors and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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Joss Whedon

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Jonathan Liebesman

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John McTienan

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Christopher Nolan

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David Fincher

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Paul Thomas Anderson

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Paul Thomas Anderson

edit: shit..

Scorsese, then.

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Jonathan Demme

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Steve McQueen

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