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1. Almost every blockbuster is now released in unnecessary 3D.
2. Mumbai only has one proper IMAX screen.
3. It only gives option for IMAX 3D.

I am going to regular 2D screens from now on. Fuck it. IMAX is going to be reserved for special films.

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3D in theaters is impenetrable to stop. Only if they show a film as many times in 3D as 2D so the audience can decide. I think if that would be the case the majority of the filmgoers will go to the 2D screening. We just can't get rid of it because the most screenings are in 3D or even only 3D (especially when it comes to IMAX) it sucks and I'm so done with it.

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I've been skim-watching The Dark Knight Trilogy on TV today, and I truly believe this trilogy will age like fine wine. Even with TDKR, despite its faults, it's such an impressively shot film.

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Durden? Sandy?

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