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Yo, that second link. :sick: :sick: :sick:

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Canada’s Ball-Waxing Horror Show Is Peak Transgender Activism

If this makes me transphobic then so be it, but this is some next level bullshit. I've never supported the TURF mentality but some of what they say makes perfect sense. Trans women should not feel entitled to enjoy every single right that a woman has. That's unfortunate but it's what it is, so that some pretenders won't get to abuse their positions as trans women.

it doesn't, and this guy is clearly just a predator

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I do not support TERFs by any means, and I’m very pro-transgender, non-binary, gender fluid rights (etc.), but honestly I’m not sure what to think anymore.

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What about trans women competing in women sports?

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Like the article states, waxing male genitals is different from waxing female genitals. They literally can't wax them because they can be liable to charges if something goes wrong.

It's not a discrimination thing, it's a they are not trained to do this thing.

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