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So even though he left the forum I wanted to wish him a happy birthday if he does happen to visit and see it..

Mason, hope you're having a fantastic day, hope you're writing.. and I miss you.

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happy birthday mason

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Happy B-day.

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happy birthday mason. :-D

btw, why he left nf ??

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dude found a life. :( Happy Bday tho little sexual bastard.

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Image Mason!

Hope you're fine and please do drop in once in a while. Image

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Happy Birthday.

I would like to request that Mason makes one final post which will be his TDKR review.
"When art imitates life"

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Happy Birthday Mason!

Come back soon!

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Happy Birthday my sweet English muffin, I miss you. :cry:
If she plays cranium she gives good brainium.

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I hope you never come back.