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Is all this Armie Hammer stuff legit? :? :wtf:

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Allstar wrote:
January 13th, 2021, 1:22 am
Is all this Armie Hammer stuff legit? :? :wtf:
Seems so

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Thank the lord.

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Why thank the lord?


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I like de Armas, but really dislike Affleck.

My inner Emma was not happy with the pairing. Lol

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can someone spill the tea on what exactly was their relationship

that we know of

of course

I mean, the whole "we're ready for the paparazzi shoot y'all" or something like that had me like eh? Didn't Affleck loathe the paparazzi attention?

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This whole discussion is weird to me - just like the “Nolan next flick” thread where people express what THEY want a filmmaker to do next! I don’t get it lol.

Break ups are sad and it feels weird to discuss someone else’s relationship - celebrity or not.

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