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I'm not sure how much this is being covered in the world media, but Australia is burning right now and has been for months. Our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has been completely absent from this national crisis and barely acknowledged it up until a few days ago, and was found to be holidaying in Hawaii while our nation burns. Our Rural Fire Service is relying on donations from the community because state governments have cut almost all of their funding and the PM refuses to offer any financial support at a federal level, instead committed to achieving a budget surplus. The Defence Force has only just now been deployed to offer humanitarian support to communities that have lost everything. Entire localities are being driven to the beaches/water because they have nowhere else to go. The PM announces that the volunteer firefighters "want to be there (fighting the fires)", even though they are taking unpaid leave from their full time jobs without any financial support from the federal government.

And then this coward has the audacity to do this; physically force a bushfire victim to shake his hand for press whilst ignoring her desperate cry for help and then proceeding to run away from the scene.

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This is all maddening. You keep hearing about Aussies trashing their politicians, but you never think it’s that awful until tragedies like these keep piling on.

I’ve never been to Australia, but I’ve also never thought of it as anything other than breathtakingly beautiful and to see the country suffer so much kills me on the inside. To see those who should do everything in their power to help not give a single fuck is fucking insanity. It was insulting for Sydney to not cancel their nye firework show. I spent the majority of 31st looking up all the pictures from the Mallacoota and all of the other fires and just feeling really dumb for not being able to do much and knowing that for most of the rest of the world it’s a fun night. I have such incredible respect for the firefighters, seeing what they’re up against with so little support. And everybody else who is doing everything they can to stop the fires and help others to recover.

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only now found out the doomsday clock shows 100 seconds till midnight

this is totally fine lol

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Count down for what!

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The state is finally in lock-down. Unfortunately, my slimy boss is requiring us to ignore the quarantine order because we run a small office with less than 10 people. He even had his "federal judge friend" skim over the order to find loopholes so we couldn't work from home.

The worst part about this is it that was recently my father's birthday. He has severe heart and kidney disease, and gets sick very easily. I had planned on visiting him a few weeks after being quarantined, but that is now out the window.

If you have understanding and caring employers, do not take them for granted. There are not many out there.

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