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don't buy "smart" stuff pls n thx

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It is so damn hard tho. Especially when it comes to TVs. :(

i believe in you / am open to consultation if you need aid

also don't buy smart stuff cause you're literally paying to have corporations spy on you but hey Image

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"science is my religion" is like saying:
"religion is scientific"

both of the above are aren't exaggerations but paradoxical statements.. so hopefully you can understand my confusion
anyways no one cares so whatever..

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There is something to saying science is my religion. Normally you don't do carbon dating or look for exoplanets on your own. But you trust the people who do and you believe the scientific process. The key words are there - trust and believe.

The difference is that if you were to try and analyze the data on your own, you can prove your beliefs while with religion you cannot. But let's be honest, most of atheists don't do that 😜 they just rely on what they've been told by more educated people.

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