Does anybody else feel the world is getting dumber?

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Topic, and I'm kinda serious on this topic.

I think with the internet we see the world's idiocy concentrated, but I don't think we're devolving or anything.

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me no no what dumber iz
Why you lurking my page brah?

Dodd wrote:me no no what dumber iz

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Nah, people have always been really, really stupid. Look at the crazy shit people believed in past decades.

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Actually, scratch that. Solo2001 just posted this video in another thread.

Yep. We are definitely getting dumber.

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Such a fake vid that...geez.

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Hard for me to say cuz I'm only 21. I don't have alots to judge from. I'll get back to you in about 10-20 years. :lol:

There are lots of idiots out there tho... I deal with them on my way to work every day :thumbup:
Say Girl

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me no likey this thread

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