Coronavirus Pandemic

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So I have online classes until June... Which basically means the rest of the school year. We'll hear how they want us to make the exams...

So far I'm doing fine, take care y'all

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Had to leave the house for a bit today, so many people literally don’t give a single fuck. Most wear masks/gloves (so did I), but I saw plenty of young parents out with their toddlers, being accompanied by THEIR older parents. Seriously fuck that. I don’t give a shit if your kid wants to ride his scooter now is not the fucking time

We’re such a mess. We started putting people who came back from abroad into mandatory quarantine, then said people started whining and legit fighting and stabbing each other and only a few days later I guess mandatory quarantine is not necessary anymore. I think it’s no news here that I deal with a ton of anxiety and I honestly expected this to wreck me but surprisingly I feel like I’ve already mostly numbed myself to the experience and accepted the fact that we’re likely seriously fucked for upcoming years

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My country's lockdown (21 days) officially starts tomorrow, but I've been at home for the last week already. Don't have work to keep me busy since schools are closed, so I might look into online work. Gonna be weird being at home during the day with full house of ppl.

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This is just the first wave of layoffs.

Watch this go up in the coming weeks.

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Moving into the new place in the city has been indefinitely delayed. Gunna try again in winter. Super upset.

Meanwhile, Trent has released two albums to take care of me today.


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Man this shit is crazy.

Trip to Thailand that was planned next week officially canceled. Although I wasnt planning on going anyways. Thankfully I'm getting a voucher back so I can rebook for a better date.

Quite some work projects got canceled too (graphic work for Music festivals and a few indie film work), cuz they all pushing back or canceling productions.

Got some emergency funding from social services though (emergency funding for freelance/self employed workers). 1200 a month. One of the few times the gov't finally pulls through on something lol.

Be safe everyone.💓

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Artemis wrote:
March 26th, 2020, 1:07 pm
This is just the first wave of layoffs.

Watch this go up in the coming weeks.

This is a minor example, I suppose, but GameStop just decided to close like 300 stores permanently. They've opened way too many stores over the years, despite the industry going digital. Now there are virtually zero people going to their stores. There are probably many businesses or franchises like that which were already on the brink of collapse because of industrial change and because of over-investment.

The pandemic has become a sort of death knell for them and others. All of this could permanently shift how industries around the world operate.

I feel like the jobless numbers are only going to get worse now. I'm already taking a 20% pay cut at work right now. Won't be surprised to see some layoffs soon under my position.

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Lol, love this.

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that is the most amazing thing

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