DADDY BIDEN WON: USA Presidential Election Trump v. Biden (2020)

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Who is going to win the 2020 Presidential Election? real talk

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Artemis wrote:
March 3rd, 2020, 1:05 am
Biden has a stutter and probably has health problems going on. I don't really like to see all the casual ableism targeted at him because as someone who stutters it does hurt a lot.

Like you just know if he got into a debate with Trump, the cheeto bitch will literally make fun of his stutter all night long. He's already put out a video on Twitter making fun of Biden's gaffes.
It's pretty clearly more than just a stutter. Multiple times now he's just either started rambling complete nonsense and/or completely forgot what he was talking about mid sentence. It's actually really sad to watch, even if I completely resent him as a presidential candidate.

And yes, Trump would 100% make fun of him for on debate stage.

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Yeah some people have been hinting at mental health issues as well.

I don't like him as a candidate either but I hope he's okay and I hope someone around him can watch out for him and tell him to step back sometime soon. This is not going to end well for him.

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Trump would be one to talk. :lol:

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Trump literally has no self awareness.

If he was debating with Bloomberg, he would point out Bloomberg's sexual harassment cases even though Trump has many of his own.

Remember how he kept pointing out that Hillary should be in jail even though he has a history of white collar and sex crimes he should be in jail for?

He literally does the "no u" argument with these debates.

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Voted today and here's hoping the DNC doesn't shoot themselves in the foot rigging the damn thing.

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Beto endorsed him too. Still nothing from Kamala or Booker tho.

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Now is a great time to donate to Sanders or even better yet start volunteering for him. Not the best results tonight but given the circumstances it could've been a lot worse. All I know is that Biden would be an extremely weak candidate up against Trump and the only candidate that I would feel good about voting for in November is Bernie Sanders.

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If you're a Sanders supporter this should be the incentive to go out there and work harder to get him to win the nomination.

What people like me tend to underestimate is the importance of that feeling of nostalgia for the re-Trump years that many of the people voting for Biden might likely feel and how important the South Carolina win and those post-South Carolina endorsements were in convincing last minute undecided voters.

Anyway, work harder and go out and vote.

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Tonight was a disaster for Sanders. It’s over. Biden has a better chance to beat Trump in key swing states and as proven tonight...dominates the black vote. Biden is the best bet to get Trump out of office for this reason.

Also, people who “Stan” politicians are weird.

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