al-Qaeda and its motivations

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mchekhov 2: Chek Harder wrote:I've been doing some thinking and i'm pretty sure i'm against Al-Qaeda.
imagine if a guys name was Al Caada :lol:
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"we were an ally with bin's kind of ironic how many times we've been with somebody, and then against them." -Ron Paul

Here's a new, short podcast (15 min) on the discussion of al-Qaeda and foreign policy via Ron Paul: ... JI.twitter

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Just be sure of this, between them starting, and Western Civilisation ending their religious, superstitious barbarism, there will be a lot of pain. They can't win. If they could have, they would have killed millions on September 11th, and any other attack. But this nihilism and totalitarian vision's peak was a free-for-all in the failed state of Afghanistan. When they want the destruction of Western Civilisation, ya have to pick a side, and you don't get the option to sit on the side-line. You're either on my side, or you're on my enemies' side, and I want to kill my enemies. Who are ya gonna pick?

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Jungian wrote:
Say Girl

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The British man who killed a British soldier was asked by a citizen why he did what he did and his response:

"I asked him why he had done what had had done," The Guardian quoted her as saying. "He said he had killed the man because he [the victim] was a British soldier who killed Muslim women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was furious about the British Army being over there." ... z2U7z9foX7

This is for my friend Addicted2Movies: These horrendous acts of violence being displayed by Muslims, many of which who have converted to Islam, continuously and will continue to prove the empirical evidence that they cite themselves, from the Boston bombing terrorist to the Woolwich Terrorist: They are resorting to these terrorist attacks as a result of intervention in the Middle East which has resulted in the loss of innocent life, which they view as a concerted attack on their people. EVERY one of these terrorists continue to state this, and our unwillingness to listen and learn about their motivations will continue to exacerbate the situation.

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