Coronavirus Pandemic

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NBC News - Sore throat, then congestion: Common Covid symptoms follow a pattern now, doctors say
Doctors who treat Covid describe the ways the illness has gotten milder and shifted over time to mostly affect the upper respiratory tract.

Fortune - COVID levels are so high, they're approaching 2020's initial peak, as the WHO urges those at high risk to take any booster they can get their hands on

U.S. COVID infections are hovering near levels of the pandemic's first peak in 2020, and approaching the Delta peak of late 2021, according to wastewater surveillance and modeling by forecasters. ... A forecast issued this week by Jay Weiland, a leading COVID modeler, came to the same conclusions. On Thursday, Weiland estimated that 650,000 Americans are becoming infected daily, with 1 in 51 Americans currently infected with COVID.

CDC - COVID Data Tracker

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