What was the first movie you ever saw?

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The first one I remember seeing was Independence Day.

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The first I remember seeing was Terminator II

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Not sure... but I'm pretty sure it is Jim Carrey related. He was pretty big in the 90's.

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I think it might have been Stuart Little :neutral:
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Some nature documentary in Imax. The Imax theatre was brand new. I remember feeling like I was on a roller coaster at times.
Especially with these shots they had gotten from an airplane. Don't remember the title but it was an awesome experience.

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Yeah, Bug's Life for me as well.

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This is the first one I have a memory of seeing.

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DoubleD wrote:This is the first one I have a memory of seeing.

Much better than the Michael Bay version. Much.

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That's the first movie I remember seeing in a theater.

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This bad boy. Then I remember my parents taking me to the live-action tour they had. Best thing ever. I actually thought the Ninja Turtles were real. I remember when I was 3, I stopped by a sewer, waved, and said hello to all of the Turtles.

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