American Hustle (2013)

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There's a few others not mentioned here. Some of these films would go on to influence his later works.

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ArmandFancypants wrote:
shauner111 wrote:. It was ripping Scorsese's style but Wolf Of Wall Street showed who the original truly is.
This is such nonsense. The films are nothing alike.

You want to see someone mercilessly ripping off Scorsese's style? The last third of Boogie Nights is where you go.
Thank you so fucking much. I can't believe people still say that AH is ripping Scorsese's style.

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Personally I think there's more Huston in The Master. But there you go.

Cilogy wrote:
mchekhov 2: Chek Harder wrote:i got like 20 minutes into it
wajja think?
loved it!

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