What was the last movie you watched? III

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Fun & Entertaining. The story (few cliches) was avarage but the execution was nice. Aaron & Cage is good but Chloe stole the show, Mark Strong always gave solid performance. The effects was good and I like the music and score that they used, it had the feel from superhero movies. The first time Hit Girl hits the screen = :batface:

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get him to the greek, 8/10
Why you lurking my page brah?

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The Sixth Sense

M. Night's best by far. Great film, and amazing twist. I was like :batface:

10/10 :clap:

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M. Night Shyamalan is an under apreciated genious...
David emerges from the store slowly. He braces himself against a parked car and then keeps on walking in a nightmarish daze.

WE PULL BACK as David blends in with dozens and dozens of ordinary people, walking on an ordinary street, in an ordinary city.

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Erik wrote:M. Night Shyamalan is an under apreciated genious...
By far, with Signs and The Sixth Sense. Amen to that.

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MAN ON FIRE. Denzel is cool. Never disappoints.

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the hurricane
Denzel Washington was great. :thumbup:

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Annie Hall 9.5/10

Should've watched Juno, Inception viral commercial...I MISSED IT! :cry:

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chee wrote:Batman Begins

How can anyone say Nolan has cold-hearted scripts? I almost cried when Bruce's parents died, and that was on my billionth watch (well...maybe its just my girly hormones acting up)! :batface:
when I saw that I first thought: OK I've seen this before...
then the story started showing really pure, awesome elements that I never saw in any batman on film
at the end i was like: wow this is one of the greatest movies Ive seen.

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Erik wrote:M. Night Shyamalan is an under apreciated genious...

Toy Story 2 - 9.5/10

Not as good as the first, but definitely still one of the best (and funniest) animation movies out there. Can't wait for TS3.