Do you enjoy The Lord of the Rings Trilogy? If not, why?

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Do you enjoy them?

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I hate Lord of the rings. because its hard for Nolan to defeat this trilogy. :lol:

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I love these movies yo. So when I see Two Towers on tv, of course I sit down to watch. That started about 12:30... I was still watching it 3:30. :wtf: Karl Urban hadn't arrived at Helm's Deep yet. I didn't finish because I had to do errands. So I guess they are showing the extended version on cable now lol... They did spend a lot of time in Rohan :think: .

Anyways, I love how OP Aragorn is, and I totally ship Aragorn and Legolas now.

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I like the first film to some extent (I'm a sucker for setting off on an adventure/world establishing films) but I just didn't care about the sequels. Maybe because my favorite character died in the first one, and I never cared for Aragorn or Legolas or the others. The relationship between Sam and Frodo is done right but it's just not exciting to me. It's a real impressive achievement (although it has aged A LOT), yet it's DEFINITELY too long and boring.

And I'm definitely not one of the people who screams "OH MY GOD, ORCS!!!" or "DEMENTORS!!!" or "DRAGONS!!!" or some shit like that. I just couldn't give less of a fuck about creatures that don't exist and that don't have any personality. Basically, the fantasy element is something I like the least in every fantasy story. Other than the force in Star Wars. I don't care about the creatures in LOTR, I don't care about the dragons or white walkers in GOT, etc.

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As someone who loves the books immensely and read them at a very young age and waited with intense anticipation for them to be made into movies... I only like the first one. Fellowship captured the feel of the book perfectly.

Two Towers has some good stuff, but begins going off the rails for me. The whole subplot of Aragorn falling off the cliff and seeing the army coming was just pointless. The leave out some key stuff with the Rohirrm, and I get that its a movie and you can't keep everything, but the build up to Helms Deep is just better done in the book all around.

Return of the King is the worst of the trilogy. The assault on Minas Tirith is the only good thing in it. The special effects have aged much worse than the previous two. Legolas surfing down the Oliphant's trunk is absurdly stupid. They drag out the final ascent of Mt. Doom way too much and the scene with Frodo waking up in bed and having everyone laughing hysterically and jumping on his bed with heavenly light shining through is the silliest thing ever. How did nobody say "what the hell?" To Peter Jackson when filming that scene?

Anyways /endrant

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I haven't seen them since they were first released on DVD.

I enjoyed them but i found them to be too long and not everything was amazing. I never read the books so it was all new to me.

I definitely need to watch them again, but i don't know if i should watch the extended cuts or not.

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LOVE LOTR - just about to watch ROTK, started rewatching the trilogy last week. This isn't an unpopular opinion, but LOTR is the pinnacle of escapist/fantasy films, right alongside SW.

Oh, and I definitely prefer the EEs. The more there is of these films the merrier for me.

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I enjoy them. Saw all three movies in theatres opening weekend. I watched the Extended Editions not too long ago and like those even more than the Theatrical. I do find myself having to work myself up to rewatch the movies and as others have said they are too long but I still don't get bored and enjoy watching them.

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I saw the theatrical versions in cinemas in January of 2016. They are still amazing films and when one considers the many years of pre-production, production and post-production behind them it's no wonder that they still hold up as well as they do.

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No matter how i feel about them, that trilogy is still an amazing achievement.

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