Knight of Cups (2016)

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This has that classic air of laughable pretentiousness that only Malick can provide, but at least there seems to be some sort of plot here I might be interested in. I might watch it.

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This looks like Malick's version of Requiem for a Dream, only told backwards. Rebirth of inner paradise.

To all you Malick haters around here: better watch something that isn't Tree of Life, like, you know - Badlands, Days of Heaven, Thin Red Line, or New World.

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Even though there are certain elements in this trailer which are typical for his filmography, this doesn't feel like a typical Malick film at all. Anyway, I was quite interested for this and the trailer made me more excited. It seems quite a trip for Bale's character.

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Even if you don't like/care about Malick… it's worth going to watch the film for the cinematography. Emmanuel Lubezki is bossing it at the moment.

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Beautiful trailer. When Malick movies connect they're spiritual experiences. The Thin Red Line y'all.

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Knight of Cups…. starring George Clooney and Adrian Brody. :lol:

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Bale is not even in this movie.

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looks powerful

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I'll be crying during the scene with Bale and I'm assuming his father?

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So here for this.


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