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I recently watched a movie called "The Scenesters" that premiered at a recent slamdance film festival (2009/2010). I watched it via zune on xbox live. It was 600 microsoft points to rent SD and 880 for HD.

It is a pretty good indie film. If i had to describe the genre it would a comedic film noir documentary. the premise of the film is that these guys are shooting a documentary regarding a crime scene. with a lot of one liner jokes and various film noir elements,I highly recommend this film.

i mean c'mon who would have thought of combining comedy and film noir. and the humor is smart humor, it's not just a fart joke every two seconds. it paces itself well.

4/5 stars :thumbup:

anyone who's seen this movie, please share your thoughts?

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Have you seen Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang.

Thats a comedy/Noir and very good as well.

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