The Flash and the Batmen (2022)

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"Fine, I'll do it myself!"

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I still hope this gets made, I really like Ezra as The Flash.

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I get the backlash on why people don't want this to be darker, but I'm kind of intrigued to see him pushing so hard to get a script made with Grant Morrison of all people. He must have an interesting idea in his head.

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Fuck I want this version of the script to me made so badly. I love the idea of getting a Grant Morrison superhero story on the big screen.

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DC have run out of excuses for going back to Goyer or whomever, so I welcome this idea.

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Ezra is a very talented actor, he's got such range.

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'Flash' Shocker: 'It' Director Andy Muschietti in Talks to Tackle DC Movie (Exclusive)
Andy Muschietti, the filmmaker behind the hit Stephen King adaptation It and the upcoming It: Chapter Two, is in talks to direct the action-adventure project based on the DC Comics superhero. His partner and wife, Barbara Muschietti, will produce. joining Michael Disco on the project.
Christina Hodson is also being looked at to write the script.

Also they got one detail wrong, Barbara Muschietti is his sister...

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Hodson wrote "Birds of Prey". That's good sign for that flick if Warner wants to bring her in on another project, they must be happy with how Prey is shaping up.

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Prey got good test screening reactions and I loved Bumblebee.

Nice to see Hodson getting positive reactions to her work.

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i remember when this thread had (2018) in the title

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