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Yeah that was much better than the first SNL at home. Weekend Update was awkward with no audience but most of the skits were effective and good.

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Sandler and Pitt were highlights. Sudeikis didn't need to say a word to make me laugh.

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What's up with that? sketch is probably my all time favourite bit yo. So impressed they pulled it off lol.

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Master Virgo wrote:
October 4th, 2020, 11:03 am
The Youtube link doesn't work in many countries, but I think everyone can see the debate and the monologue on Facebook or Twitter if they have access to one of them.
I didn't find the debate to be as good as what they did in '08 or '16. Carrey's very good, but it doesn't feel like a revelation like Tina Fey or Larry David did.
I thought Rock's monologue was very good.

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Kate is just too good lol

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Probably the funniest skit they've done this season. Heidi Gardner as John Michael Wozniak is just amazing and if you've seen The Last Dance or you've been following the Bulls dynasty in the 90's this gets you so much more :lol:

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