TDK opening day record broken

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Sad day. I hate Twilight. I doubt TDK's weekend will be broken, though.

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It's a sad day indeed.

Of all things, Twilight. Just when I was regaining hope for humanity.

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Sad day for film

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I'm sure Batman 3 will do justice to this.

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For God's sake: TWILIGHT?? I mean... its IMDb-rate is 4.4!! A 4.4-film broke TDK's record, I can't believe that!! If it would have been Avatar or something, I would've said: "Okay, we could've count on it.", but New Moon?? ...... It's just sad, very sad.
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God I hate Twilight. And it has nothing to do with it beating The Dark Knight's opening day record, it just has a crappy story. The only reason it is successful is because ugly teenage girls who can't get boyfriends and have fantasies about Edward and Jacob. Tell me, how is a story of a vampire stalking a teenage girl romantic and heart warming in anyway? I'm pretty sure it's a felony....

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Sets a higher bar for Batman 3 to reach :thumbup:

New Moon definitely won't have legs anywhere close to TDK's anyway.

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