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How could it leak

Via hbogo?

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Now Where Was I ? wrote:And I just watched it. Extraordinary episode
Yup. Best of the season so far. Really great stuff. The pace is so freaking fast, though. It feels weird, after such a long previous season.

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Can't just wait till the actual premiere when it leaks the same day? :facepalm:

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One of the best episodes of television I've ever seen

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ChristNolan wrote:One of the best episodes of television I've ever seen
So good indeed. :( :clap:

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Wonderful direction by Jack Bender. :clap:

That twist was M. Night esque.

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I imagine we'll see Summer again as a wight.
Given how fast things are moving and Jon telling Edd to make sure he keeps the Wall standing, the season may end with the sounding of the Horn of Winter.

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Emilia Clarke was good tonight, dare I say great.

The close up shot of the cock was obnoxious. Clearly pandering to people complaining about the ratio of male to female nudity.
Euron outright admitting to killing Balon was baffling.
Wonderful episode though. Ending was very emotional and Bran has been the best storyline this season thus far.
Can't wait for Wyman Manderly.

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absolutely fantastic final moments to this episode

shit made me cry

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late to the party but amazing ep, what everyone else is saying. one of the biggest episodes of the entire series for ten million reasons

mainly being....

The implications of changing the past, which as I understand it has been fan spec for years, go wide. Mad King, Bran the Builder, etc. Bran being able to...not change the past since it's already been changed, but to have a relationship with the past can mean a LOT of stuff going forward, especially in the context of all the other Greenseers and what they may have "changed" as well. Wide reaching implications through the whole show up to this point as well as going forward. Bran may very well wind up becoming a nearly divine being and influencing a huge percentage of the overall direction of the story from a very early day in the history of the show. The Three Eyed Raven (we're pretty sure) isn't crazy ancient but he said he's been waiting a thousand years...which implies he's existed through the tree network and saw 1,000 years of history. The possibilities here aren't just endless but are capable of reorienting our entire perception of significant events through the whole show.

Interesting also that the Three Eyed Raven "made sure" bran could fuck Hodor up almost as a way to illustrate "be carful" in a way that's etched in blood.

Other thing to mention, if Bran's "mark" means the white walkers could penetrate the Children of the Forest's magic barrier there.... Bran better stay away from the wall. Especially after Jon's foreboding final words when leaving. Of course I'm incredibly curious how they'll survive on their own in the middle of nowhere...

OTHER-other thing to mention and this is kind of critical to the overall thematic scheme of the show... pretty compelling that since the Children of the Forest is basically GoT's stand in for Native Americans being whipped out by white faced invaders (although Columbus and them would have a more olive skin tone due to being Spaniards...), it's interesting instead of having a "white savior" Martin subverted expectations by having them basically create a WMD (weapon of mass destruction) to combat probably the Andal's and obviously things got out of hand. Sort of a pretty compelling riff on the cold war nuclear holocaust scenario where the CotF invented a superweapon that might inadvertently wipe everyone out. It might be the show's most "modern" allegory instead of Rome/War of the Roses, etc.

Even if the reveal was presented to us rather nonchalantly it has deep-rooted thematic/narrative implications that I think are profound and compelling and enriches the overall fabric of the entire series retroactively. Smart, smart stuff.
This season is rocking. If the season maintains quality or continues to grow (since every episode, more or less, has been better than the last) it'll be one of the best seasons period.


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