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Couple of problems i had with the finale and the build up to it:
1. There were too many scenes occupied by minor characters, whose dialogues were saturated with trivial details providing no exposition whatsoever.
2. Tyrion and Cersei have had ample screen time in previous episodes they need to stop milking the family talks.
3. The Theon and Ramsay exchange was over extended as well.
4. Dany never engages with the slavers of Yunkai, she never even enters the city of Yunkai. WTF? Are they cheaply delaying everything to next season?
5. The exchange between Frey and Bolton has no mention of Edmure and his whereabouts. (Also Blackfish is just a complication that the writers should have foreseen).
6. Needed more Arya and Hound.
7. Needed a cliff hanger.
8. Fuck Gendry.
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Allstar wrote:Lets all give a hand to Cunningham for his terrific and heartfelt performance tonight. :clap:
He is always great, just got more screen time and delivered so I wasn't surprised, but definitely happy about it. That story line is packed with great dialogue, and the tone is so powerful at times without forcing it down our throats like Daenarys. :lol:

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Allstar wrote:Lets all give a hand to Cunningham for his terrific and heartfelt performance tonight. :clap:
:clap: :clap: :clap: he really did a great job.

And viral114 please learn to use spoiler tags. It would be great if you could edit that post and slap some tags on it. And don't say silly shit like "fuck Gendry" ever again.

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I don't get it, I don't understand the hate. It was a solid as fuck finale with a lot of emotion and incredible performances.

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Cilogy wrote:I don't get it, I don't understand the hate. It was a solid as fuck finale with a lot of emotion and incredible performances.
I loved the episode. It was one of my favorite all season.
I'm just not onboard the Khaleesi fanbus, so I didn't like that. I'm impatient regarding some things that I wanted to see happen instead.

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TBH, it was a great finale. I loved it, all the scenes were great, Arya, Davos, Tywin, Tyrion, Sansa, Mel, Stannis, Jon, Ygritte, Sam, Theon & Walder Frey being just a few of the numerous standouts of the episode.

Loved the Rat Cook story - it emphasised how heinous it is to kill a guest in your home.

And loved seeing Castle Black after a long time - and familiar faces like Pip and Maester Aemon.

Even the Mhysa scene was great - it was shot magnificently and the awe and adoration of the slaves was deeply touching, eventhough I'm not much of a Dany fan.

But it wasn't an awesome finale. Which it could easily have been if they had included BOOK SPOILERS
Lady Stoneheart
. Every finale has had some sort of WTF? moment in the climax. The first one had the birth of the dragons, the second one had the reveal of the hordes of White Walkers and the wights. The perfect ending for the third season finale would have been BOOK SPOILERS
Arya's direwolf Nymeria and the Brotherhood Without Banners finding Catelyn's dead body on the riverbank and showing Thoros and Beric bring her back to life.
Have to say I'm a bit disappointed that they didn't use it as the climax.

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Reading ''Mhysa! Mhysa!'' part of ASOS was one of the most emotional experiences I've had with ASOIAF. I can describe you precisely where it occurred, how I felt... Every little detail of my memory. Here is the perfect explanation of why I feel HBO series doesn't quite pull it in all directions - I felt nothing at all. :blank:

Inb4 series fanatics, but it's my honest opinion.

After talking with lots of different POVs on the matter I think it goes like this...

a) If you never knew about ASOIAF prior to HBO series, you're perfectly happy with everything and you don't need to read the books
b) If you never knew about ASOIAF prior to HBO series, you're perfectly happy with everything but you still want to read the books and it's a great mashup of mediums for you
c) If you knew about ASOIAF prior to HBO series, loved it to death... you can't really be immersed in this down scaled version of events from thousands of pages of brilliance (30 unsullied in a courtyard as opposed to legions of unsullied, sums it up)

Ideal scenario, for me, would be someone like Ridley Scott with a budget of 200 mil.$, doing a series... Yeah, utopia.

Positive aspect - people are reading the books afterwards :clap:
Negative aspect - who the fuck cares what I think if it's successful, so it's my problem anyways

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Work in the morning, can't make actual thing, so bullet pointed thoughts:
-My thoughts on this episode are scattered, which I blame as a consequence of a scattered episode. Even if I loved a scene or a beat, I felt it was poorly placed or in poor taste in-context, and there wasn't any sort of focus other than vaguely continuing most storylines.

-Theon's storyline finally went somewhere, but I doubt the payoff next season will be worth a season of torment, and I'm not talking about Theon's character.

-The episode should've pulled focus to mainly two things: dealing with the death of the Stark's, and setting up next season with rallying the white walkers and the wall related storylines. It did try to accomplish that, but in a clumsy almost anecdotal way, and consequently left a lot of scenes feeling unrelated to anything else going on, which brings me to:

-I kinda loved the ending scene on its own, it was extremely emotional for me, if a bit repetitive, but I think the reason it's sticking out as ineffective for viewers is that is couldn't have been less relevant to the rest of the episode. It not only would've felt shoehorned in at any moment in the episode, but making it the cap-off to this particular episode, not to mention the season, just made it stick out like Batman at a tranny bar. Basically, scene= good, placement= bizarre and ineffective choice.

-I am loving the Stannis stuff, as always, but I wonder: why didn't Stannis or Davos kinda mention that for all the red woman's supposed visions of the future, missing this is kind of big as fuck thing to miss. I'd think it'd discredit her somehow, since after reading it she was all "I got mah shit together sons, we need him" after being okay with him dying two seconds before. I dunno, weird.

-Lots of huge scenes felt rushed, such as Jamie's return, while others, like Tyrion and Sansa having a moment of banter, could've been shorter to extend these other scenes. Poor writing or editing. Maybe both.

-Podrick continues making me laugh.

-Sam's the man, happy Jon's back, cute that she (probably?) missed on purpose while still showing how mad she was.

-A better ending would've been a tracking shot of all the ravens dispersing throughout Westeros for aid, and seeing the various lords and so forth's response, which would've had a nice montage wrapping up various storylines while giving us a big 'spectacle' finale that was actually relevant.

I'm going to sleep, huge day tomorrow. WWDC, E3, and MoS reviews all in one day. :D
tl;dr - I loved it, bizarre editing and writing choices, sad have to wait.


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nice review vader.

Upon second viewing:
I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the Davos/Gendry and Varys/Shae speeches regarding class.
I also value the writers skill in giving Hodor great character development.

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Very nice finale, should have lasted longer, regarding the observations on the top of the page, I thought about reading the books at some point but each book being at least 900 pages, it just turned me off right away.

I like not knowing, and not having any expectations for this, did the same thing with Harry Potter, LOTR (although I did read The Hobbit, but reading the books AFTER seeing it strikes me as a bad idea, you already have the visual representation that exists). That way, I don't whine when there are missing chunks of the story or anything.

One thing that I notice since the first season is that I couldn't care less about Daenerys and her whole storyline, ever since the beginning, everytime the show cuts to her, it kind of takes me out of the show, I don't like the character, Emilia Clarke is decent, but not great, I did like the dragon BBQ though, that was exciting. If anything, I just hope her and her troops get slaughtered once she gets where she is supposed to go (is she supposed to go through the North or directly in King's Landing?)

The White Walkers is exciting me, I like this bit of heroic fantasy, this underlying threat, I hope there's a huge battle with them at some point.

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