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Ruth wrote:
May 13th, 2019, 5:35 pm
Vader got it right.

Not really related, but I just remembered this dumb detail and idk
ok so why did Tyrion even rat out Varys for 'treason' if he was gonna go out and commit treason like hours later lmao

did i miss something
He betrayed Varys before he found out his brother was captured. It does make sense, in the fact, Jamie was the only person who's always been there for him and did set him free back in season 4. It was just like so much else, felt very rushed.

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Demoph wrote:
May 13th, 2019, 5:45 pm
Ruth wrote:
May 13th, 2019, 5:35 pm

ok so why did Tyrion even rat out Varys for 'treason' if he was gonna go out and commit treason like hours later lmao

did i miss something
I think, first at this moment he didn't know about Jaime, nor about Daenerys's strategy. And also Jaime is his weak spot. I loved by the way the ending of the scene between Jaime and Tyrion, when Tyrion says that Jaime was the only one who cared for him during his youth. It sold the scene for me, although it started as Tyrion making one more stupid decision... (I really hope Tyrion is going to make something very smart next week. I've been waiting for this for quite some time actually.)
Yeah, more than anything else the last couple of seasons, the most upsetting is how stupid and pointless Tryion has become. He was so great in the earlier seasons.

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Daenerys: "We won the Great War. Now we're going to win the last war."

The bells ring. "Hey, Dany, we won!!"

:wtf: "Fuck this shit. Let's burn some people!"

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Ian McElhinney (Barristan Selmy) says GRRM has already written WOW and ADOS but struck an agreement not to release them before the show is over
Would be quite something if really true...

As for this episode: wow. On a technical level mighty impressive. Sapochnik and Djawadi absolutely aced it. Riveting work. Loved the cinematography too.
On a story level I'm still processing this. Like, I can wrap my mind about Daenerys going Mad Queen considering all the losses she's had but like, two episodes ago, she was still willing to save the realm against the Night King and fucking won. Even if she wasn't the one to deliver the final blow, she played a crucial part in winning that war.

I did thought it was a pretty damn powerful shot, and Clarke owned it entirely, to see her going through the emotions that she just literally just won the capitol by laying waste to the Iron Fleet and the Scorpions on the walls and her armies entering the city. I mean, she could've gotten there without having risked her dragons, an even bigger amount of her armies and her closest allies. The White Walkers really were a huge pain in the ass. As were literally all of Tyrion's mistakes (which where most of his decisions, once she set foot on Dragonstone back in season seven). Like, what the fuck. That she then decides to obliterate the city any which way was a step too far. Sure I get that she's completely driven by emotion and chose to rule through fear but she could've done that without laying waste to the entire city.

Anyway, Clarke should earn a Golden Globe for her masterful work. And there is another, Maisie Williams. Fantastic work.

Also hats off to making me pity Cersei in the end. I didn't thought that was possible. And that Cleganebowl is finally done. Same goes for Qyburn, Euron and Varys.

A pity Jaime's arc ended like this.

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Allstar wrote:
May 13th, 2019, 5:44 pm
Vader182 wrote:
May 13th, 2019, 5:28 pm
how many times do i have to explain the difference between story and plot before this will make sense to some of you

I know the difference. Do I think it could have used more time? Yes. Do I think it makes no sense and wasn’t set up at all? No.
The specifics of the plot and character arcs in Seasons 7 and Season 8 make little sense and ruined the (very rushed) setup.

many examples from previous episodes:
-Sansa is borderline delusional by refusing to acknowledge they would all be wiped off the map if it wasn't for Dany. Suspicious of her, skeptical of her? Sure. Refusing to acknowledge their situation without Dany? No.

-Arya says she doesn't trust Dany, she'll never trust, or know her, since she "isn't from here." Since when was Arya xenophobic?

-nobody, not even Tyrion or Jon, seem compelled to explain to the Stark siblings how Dany freed hundreds of thousands of slaves. No wonder they think Dany is a lunatic!

-Varys suddenly is fearful of Dany and is convinced she'll "go crazy" when the previous season of Dany's arc showed her at her most humble and utilitarian, risking everything for the realm. Almost all of Varys' concerns happened in earlier seasons.

-Likewise, after Dany acting at her "best" for most of two seasons, in the span of one contrived episode where she loses friends, allies, and lovers in the span of a couple days, she decides to genocide tens or hundreds of thousands of innocent people after already winning the city and defeating Cersei.

These are instances where the writers needed to create a "Mad Queen" narrative without the time or space to develop these arcs to make sense.


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Vader182 wrote:
May 13th, 2019, 5:03 pm
Allstar wrote:
May 13th, 2019, 4:44 pm
In what sense? I don’t think it should be this poorly reviewed based on the direction alone.
in the sense that they feel it's 80 minutes of characters acting like absurd plot devices that aren't motivated by any rhyme or reason that makes sense given the previous several seasons of the show.

Cilogy wrote:
May 13th, 2019, 4:50 pm
I mean, what were people expecting from this ending?
That's missing the point. It's not what happens, it's how, and whether it makes sense as something that followed what came before.

As I said,
two episodes ago Dany risked her life, her kids, her armies, her friends, and her throne to save the realm and succeeded. Now she committed mass genocide, burning tens of thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of innocent men, women and children while giving in to sexist tropes in the process, seemingly because she decides nobody loves her and she has to rule Westeros out of fear? It doesn't track at all.

If this is GRRM's ending, and I think it is, D&D needed a lot more time to make any of this make sense. It's all contrivances and bullshit.

I can understand people taking issue with the plotting as a matter of preference. Like, the need to see things drawn out over a season.

Though it seems in keeping with the pace of the series since like season 6.
Like, I'd argue the point of it seeming like a "quick" turn was entirely intentional. It's supposed to surprise the audience, and that surprise and shock is reflected in all the characters at King's Landing.
Idk, could be a matter of perspective really and how people expected things to go.

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Everybody mad about Dany's arc, which was rushed and unearned, but still foreshadowed consistently over the course of the show. I'm still ticked about how pointless Bran's three-eyed raven journey was and how unsatisfying the Lord of Light storylines were....
Also, it was disappointing how little Lena Headey was giving to do this season. All she did all was stare at people,events from balconies.

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Wow. I've never been so disappointed over a TV show in my life. And LOST is my favorite show of all time so you know I don't get disappointed easily...

Most things have been said already, I'll just emphasize a couple of points
The idea of Dany being the final boss in the very last episode of the show is absolutely brilliant, and I hope GRRM goes down the same road. But holy shit the way it was executed was shockingly bad.

Why are S7 and S8 not ten episodes long???????

They've managed to ruin all three Lannisters over the course of just a handful of episodes, to a point where they're all just completely meaningless. Headey, the best actor in the entire show, was criminally underused all season. Tyrion is supposed to be the smartest guy in Westeros. Yet here he is, dumber than ever. And don't get me started on Jaime... My favorite character arch in the entire show, absolutely butchered.

Euron managed to show up at the perfect time out of nowhere, again. Being his usual one-dimentional self, again. He has to be one of the worst written villains in TV show history.
The cinematography and Ramin Djawadi are the only good things left in this show.

Also I'm 100% buying the books next week

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Seeing last night's episode made me realize how much I miss kings landing, the nitty gritty real life residents there, the lannisters in general really have just been extremely thinly written. I think that location served a great purpose of juxtaposing the north from the south.

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