Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm (2020)

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BlairCo wrote:
October 26th, 2020, 5:14 am
I'm not joking when I say this; Maria Bakalova deserves an Oscar nomination for her performance.

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This was fantastic. One of the funniest movies in years.

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Meh. Disappointing

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I thought it was cool and I laughed out loud, but it ultimately doesn’t reach the genius of the first one. There’s some insanely hilarious shit, and then some that feels like an SNL skit afterthought. It’s not nearly as outlandish as the first one.

I thought Bakalova started out pretty awkward, but then she kept progressing and growing into the role, and peaked with the you-know-what scenes lol. That was so ballsy of her.

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Didn't find this nearly as funny as the first film. Like Ruth mentioned it feels like an SNL skit at times. Not without its moments but probably wouldn't revisit anytime soon.

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I'm probably going to do a double feature soon, any of y'all done that? it's been years and years since I last watched Borat

Bakalova deserves an oscar & a nobel peace prize

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Big fan of Sacha but gotta say this turned out rather low-tier for me. It def has moments but it's somehow even less authentic than Dictator. Not only did Borat not look like Borat 60% of the time, he just wasn't Borat either. Character was constantly broken by Sacha doing things Borat is just either too stupid or too clumsy to really do. Bakalova is an interesting discovery but, as a Bulgarian, I was constantly taken out of the experience by hearing her say one thing translated as another. Giuliani and Pence are highlights though.

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