I'm Thinking of Ending Things (2020)

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Written and Directed by Charlie Kaufman
Based on a book written by Iain Reid
Starring: Jesse Plemons, Jessie Buckley, David Thewlis, Toni Collette
Releases on Netflix on September 4th
A man takes his girlfriend to meet with his parents, but they find themselves going on a terrifying detour.
First release of the year I'll be anticipating (Tenet ain't coming out in August lol)

Kaufman fascinates me with each new film. His two directorial efforts both absolutely destroyed me and kept me depressed for long periods of time. Can't really say I enjoy his stuff as entertainment like most of my favorite directors, but he's a unique and incredible voice and I wish he would direct more

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Looks fucking awesommmmme

this looks very good in a number of ways

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Kaufman does not prepare you for the tonal whiplash that eventually leads you down a hypnotic path that is confusing yet unexpectedly, tenderly melancholic. You eventually get to a point where the question of "What is real and what is false?" is no longer a concern, as Kaufman trusts in you to find the answers within yourself, not just with the clues he has laid out on display. There are going to be so many different readings of this movie, but for me, it's about the insecurities we bring to our relationships. And for me, in a year of slim pickings, this is the best movie of 2020.

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I'm thinking about seeing this.

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I was uncomfortable for just about all of its 2 hour plus runtime and thought it was great. kaufmans direction is beautiful. Buckley is the real deal.

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This was damn good. Crackling dialogues throughout. Even more than his writing, I was amazed by Kaufman's direction. Especially the car scenes. Only lacking part is that film had nothing new to say about

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Wasn't a fan to say the least.

I haven't seen Being John Malkovich or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind since they were out for rent back in the day, thought Being... was all right and Eternal Sunshine... overrated at the time.

Wouldn't want to spend a single second more in their car in this new movie and with their pretentious pseudo-intellectual dialogue. The movie also had this drab look to it throughout and I also found it visually boring until late in the movie. I thought Plemons and Buckley were okay at best, I thought Collette and Thewlis were pretty bad, but bad on purpose at least I am hoping.

Fans of David Lynch may like it but it did absolutely nothing for me. Like my surrealism married to more of a conventional and better paced narrative.

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