The Green Knight (2021)

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I know how the story goes and I am curious how the audience will react to it.

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Looks awesome!

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Embargo was up today, it's receiving raves from all corners to start. Easily my most anticipated movie of the year until Bond and Dune.


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Looks really good. Cool to see A24 tackling something seemingly larger scale like this.

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I want to see this, but live in the UK.

Do we know if the rumours of streaming are true? I think A24 have a deal with Apple. It may end up there.

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This was really good. Loved the music and cinematography... but they could have cut the 2nd act a little or maybe show more of Gawain's life in the castle in between the Christmases. I think a briskier one and a half hour would have made this a potential classic.

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I also quite liked it. It’s not perfect but it’s gorgeously made and engrossing throughout.

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Honestly.. That was damn near perfect for me. Feels like Lowery channeled A Ghost Story in Camelot

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The rumour on Twitter is that this will debut later this month in the UK and other European territories on Amazon....Is the rumour true?

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