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Ruth wrote:
October 26th, 2020, 6:36 pm
Correct me if I’m wrong but I wasn’t even aware this was generally seen as a big issue?
It's not, lol.

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Well they did pick someone with Jewish roots, so don't bother yourself too much about it darling.

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Ethan Hawke to Play Villain Opposite Oscar Isaac in Marvel's 'Moon Knight'
Ethan Hawke has made his Marvel.

Making his comic book adaptation and super hero debut, Hawke has closed a deal to join Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight, Marvel Studios’ series for Disney+, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

Hawke will play the series’ lead villain.

Isaac is toplining the show featuring one of Marvel’s cult characters and that is aiming for a March production start in Budapest.

May Calamawy, who is perhaps best known for her work in Hulu's Ramy, is already on the roll call.

isaac gotta do cooler stuff man pls

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Hm, I can dig Hawke as the Emperor in Dune II :P (yes with Maya as Irulan lol)

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For some reason the title sounds like an eroge to me (I’m so sorry).

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