The Last Planet (TBD)

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With “A Hidden Life” finally coming to theaters later this month, the world has been graced with yet another incredible film from the master filmmaker Terrence Malick. Thankfully, it appears that we won’t have to wait long for his next film, “The Last Planet,” though we don’t really know what to expect with the new project.

However, thanks to a new report from Variety, who spoke with one of the film’s producers, Karim Debbagh, “The Last Planet” is definitely a film with Biblical inspiration but maybe not in the way you might be expecting. The producer described Malick’s latest feature as a “highly spiritual experience” that puts a “dark genre twist” on the biblical story.

Of course, when it was announced that the filmmaker would be working on a story about Jesus Christ, no one expected him to do a straight-forward project, but this surely does sound really interesting. Another interesting tidbit revealed in the report is that the filming was done completely in natural daylight.

In addition, at a recent event (via La Repubblica/One Big Soul), the filmmaker provided more information about the status of his film.

“We have just finished shooting, I am very happy,” he said. “A few days ago we finished shooting in the desert of Jordan. [It’s] a multicultural film with a cast that brings together Middle Eastern actors, a German troupe, and even Italian artists in the costumes department and set design (costume designer Carlo Poggioli and production designer Stefano Maria Ortolani). Now I go back to Texas to edit the film. It will take at least a year because we have a lot of material, and since we go digital, we end up with many more images. My favorite moment of the work is the editing. There is no longer the set pressure, the uncertainty of the weather on the shoot. I am very happy to be here at the end of this long journey. I would like to be able to stay longer in Rome. We have an early plane that takes us to Austin.”
It should be noted that it's not a picture of the movie, in the article, but a set picture.

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