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LelekPL wrote:
July 19th, 2020, 1:22 pm
Who's James Gray sleeping with to get the money for his next film after how much Ad Astra bombed?
I am just thankful PTA and Gray get money for their next film however their previous one performed.

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Not just that, almost every film, this guy has made, has flopped. It's called white male privilege.

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I mean, what is the budget for this thing? Could it be that the script is great and they see awards potential in it?

When it comes to both Gray and PTA I'm reminded of this Soderbergh quote about getting Out of Sight:
The reason [then–Universal Pictures chief] Casey Silver put me up for Out of Sight after I’d had five flops in a row was because he liked me personally. He also knew I was a responsible filmmaker, and if I got that job, the next time he’d see me was when we screened the movie.

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