Black Widow (2021)

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Was Feige dogmatic about theatrical?

Interested to know if people think Black Widow could make $519 million, the same as much the first Ant-Man. This was the lowest grossing Marvel film since they got on a roll with The Avengers in 2012.

Black Widow is a proven character getting a long-awaited sequel. Before the pandemic it was in with a chance of making $800-Billion. I guess it seems fair with any pandemic film to cut the expected haul by 50%. But the premier access thing is such a known unknown.

The real test for whether the box office is still a thing comes this weekend with the first international roll out of Godzilla v Kong. This could be the end.....

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The trailers have been underwhelming, this is a prequel and a long overdue project so I doubt it would reach 600 million even without the pandemic.

The only thing it had going for it is that it's the first MCU movie in a loooong while. People might have been starving for it... but now they get their weekly fix of MCU content from WandaVision and Falcon and Winter Soldier.

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No way this would’ve made a billion lol. It probably would have made about eight hundred.

Cinema is dead.

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Rachel Weisz is wearing a catsuit in a new character poster. This is not a drill.


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