Disney owns 21st Century Fox Entertainment

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yeah would be pretty cool to see Scott finish up his Alien Prequel thingy. And tbh I'd love a new Alien 3 (even though I think there's hardly anything wrong with Fincher's film).

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Just like death and grey hair, it was inevitable. I'm optimistic though, that we'll continue to get consistently well made content.

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You can say whatever you want, this is still terrible.

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this makes me depressed

it's just corporations expanding their already staggering power, it just happens to be power over entertainment content this time

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I'm waiting for the day when Disney buys me. God knows they can do that.

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Wonder if we should expect more announcements like this soon

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nolannolanchrischris wrote:
March 21st, 2019, 8:37 pm
Shocker: Just learned that Elizabeth Gabler and her Fox 2000 unit, the film division behind such films as #HiddenFigures, #LoveSimon and #TheHateUGive, will not be making the move to Disney. Reversal of Disney's original plan announced in October. Wowza. What a loss.
https://twitter.com/nicsperling/status/ ... 9537267712
https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/ ... on-1196298
I'm gonna call bullshit on everyone who has or will express surprise at this news.

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Mergers are done to the benefit of the shareholders, not the client. There's a reason why mergers are controlled and sometimes forbidden to protect the client: the client is not supposed to benefit from it.
If you add this merger, the rise of Netflix and streaming services, the BO fails of Widows, First Man, we're headings towards real problems for middle budget original films.

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Lol, during the very likely future antitrust suits against Disney, the Star Wars/Marvel fans are gonna defend each and every decision the corporation made, just to protect their childhood nostalgia.

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