The Lighthouse (2019)

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Amazingly looking trailer but poorly edited. It tells the audience nothing about what this movie is about.

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All that old equipment really did the trick.

Looks incredible.

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Holy shit... is this Lovecraft? I saw a squid.

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Welp I’m on board

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Is Dafoe's character saying 'Why'nt you spill your beans'?

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This looks quite good. Looking forward to it.

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Pattinson as a person from the 1910/1920s is the most accurate casting ever

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dat poster

skipping the trailer

I'm there day one anyway lol

I think Eggers is a very talented director.

edit: is there any chance this is getting a wide 35mm release? i.e. also in Europe?

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That trailer instantly made this my most anticipated film after The Irishman (duh)

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