Doctor Sleep (2019)

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Do I want to see the teaser trailer?

I've no idea what the book is about and I still want to read The Shining and Doctor Sleep before seeing this film.

If anybody who's read the book and watched the trailer can let me know that'd be neat

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I've never read the book, but man, this looks bad

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Making this a direct sequel to the Kubrick film is ballsy

Trailer looked great!

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just riffing on the shining rather than making your own choices. booo

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This was a pretty mediocre book, so hopefully they don't stay too faithful and just use it as a jumping off point. The trailer wasn't too good.

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Damn I thought the trailer was gonna be good, but after the first 30 seconds it really went downhill fast lol

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For a movie that really wants to be linked to The SHining it has some terrible cinematography and lighting. Disappointed.

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