The Wolverine (2013)

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Unleashed extended makes an already great movie even greater. Small additional character moments (cool scene in the rain). The uncut set piece in the snow is so good and bloody. It still stumbles a bit in the last 10 min with generic action (that still looks cool though), but the after credits scene more than makes up for it :D

Truly a great movie.

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Watched my extended cut blu-ray again tonight. It's so good. I've listened to the commentary track before though I haven't done the second screen app sync watch yet. It was a nice surprise seeing the movie opening night in the U.S. last summer considering my early skepticism to the idea of the movie. Jackman's reactions to everything are great his character really gets put through a lot. And the fights and general atmosphere are great as well. Mangold talks about managing a point-of-view for the character in the story in the director's commentary which is something I think a lot of scripts don't strongly bother enough with as they should. Considering some of Mangold's previous work like Identity back in the day (which I saw in the theater at the time as well) I thought the twist (the one that actually happened) was a possibility going in so I wasn't caught too off-guard. It becomes like a comic horror movie toward the end which I liked. It leads into seeing some actual robots getting attacked in X:DoFP. There's some minor comic adaptation issues (no not the costume :facepalm: ) I have but not enough to derail the overall movie.

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