Red Riding Hood (2011)

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looks great. Gary is probably the best actor in the business.

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Gary is such a chameleon.

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Casting Amanda Seyfried as Red Riding Hood was the right choice. She fits the character perfectly.

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That looks a weird mix of Twilight and The Wolfman. Why does DiCaprio do amazing work in things like The Aviator, Revolutionary Road and Shutter Island but when he produces something it's either this or Orphan?

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Looks horrible to me.The same Twillight crap.

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Well the DP/Art Directors are going to go far if the movie is as beautiful as the trailer. Sadly I already feel as though I've seen the whole film from that trailer and I don't think it's been sold to my demo anyway.

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It looks all right. Nothing too special.

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Amanda Seyfried looks usual..nothing else which makes this a must-watch-film.
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For god sakes, Cathrine Hardwicke sucks. Stupid forest scene in the beginning looks exactly like Twishit. :roll:

Movie looks like poo.

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