Avengers: Endgame (2019)

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Only individuals can be fatigued. Some of you on here might be fatigued with superhero movies, but collectively as a movie-going group, there is no superhero fatigue.

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I guess not, because they're still making crazy amounts of money. I just wonder what the reasons for the fatigue are about, which is an interesting discussion. Certainly in parallel with them still being so financially successful.

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Nolan fans before and after pretty much every single Marvel film:

Eh, bleh, who cares about any of this? These trailers are terrible. Oscar? Political propaganda. Critics top ten list? So overrated. Massive audience endorsement? Completely meaningless.

Also Nolan fans:

To tell you the truth, this superhero fatigue is finally catching up with me. I'm so done after Endgame. You know, I was really on board until now, but Feige is going to lose me now.

OK, I guess.£

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I'll say this. The fatigue is mostly connected to the overexposure in the fan and media community. Having 50 different theories about how Tony Stark will get back to Earth is unnecessary and I really don't care about it.

However, I'm still not tired of the films when they're still good like Infinity War, Spider-Verse, Logan or Thor Ragnarok and when they can be refreshing. If they keep reinventing the style and genres, they'll continue to be entertaining. Shazam! looks like another fresh approach.

But yeah, fans make it seem like these are the only movies being made now and it's super refreshing to see movies like Us get the same treatment from time to time instead of yet another Marvel or Star Wars fan theory trending online.

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I'm really not sure about that 3h runtime... I don't doubt there is enough story, but I was exhausted after Infinity War.

The action overload left me completely numb at the end. Does anyone appreciate the Wakanda scenes in that movie? None of the action is really well shot either.

I really hope there's a more measured pace in this one.

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This whole Avengers Infinity Saga on film is an amazingly huge accomplishment - the fact that they started this 10 years ago, planned it probably even before that, and they went through with it. This is a real accomplishment, something that has probably never been done before. MCU didn't come up with the shared universe idea, I guess (just to quote James Rolfe, Universal Monsters probably did that a few decades ago), but to make a whole line of films interconnected, working towards an ultimate movie that ends a 10-year movie storyline... yeah, this is pretty much the first of its kind.

But I never got over the fact that I just don't like the individual films that much. I don't really care for them because they aren't stimulating for me on a visual and storytelling level. Almost none of them. I watched most of these films (skipped a few of them), and there's, like, one or two that I kind of enjoyed, and most of them I didn't care for at all.

To me, this is the same effect I'm getting with most TV shows - and I think this is a good comparison, because, to me, Infinity Saga feels like the first season in a TV show, and the individual films are episodes of the season. And even in TV shows that I used to watch and liked, there were a few filler episodes that were just bland and boring and served no purpose whatsoever other than a forced attempt at character building or... whatever. And to me, most of these MCU films feel like filler episodes. Really, almost all of them are filler episodes in my eyes. Because I got to a point with Infinity War where I would really enjoy watching that whole story unfold, and I loved the moments in previous films that introduced Thanos or any other aspect of the "final episode" - and I realized those were the only moments I enjoyed (give or take a few other moments and films). So I really ended up loving the idea of having this terrifying, cosmic villain, and I think they managed to build him up pretty well. And it took several "filler episodes" with the occasional mention of Thanos and whatnot. And I understand that this is how it should work - but I just didn't enjoy the process of getting to Infinity War and Endgame. I understand that without the previous 10 years of MCU films it probably wouldn't have worked - but who knows. There are a number of films in movie history with iconic villains that didn't need 10 years of build-up. So, maybe it could've worked any other way!

But I just didn't care for any other villain in the past 10 years of MCU, I almost didn't care for any of the heroes or any other storyline. I liked Infinity War, I liked the scope of it, but I never enjoyed any of the episodes that led up to this two-part season finale. That's just me - I thought I'd share my point of view.

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All character posters:


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what the fuck
the killed groot? and no I didn't see infinity war but now I'm pissed.

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Is it intentional that there are exactly half on each side, or did they leave some characters out to make that work?

Artemis wrote:
March 26th, 2019, 2:09 pm
what the fuck
the killed groot? and no I didn't see infinity war but now I'm pissed.
How?! :o

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