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I do not expect this to have the same visual aesthetic as the Peter Jackson trilogy and tbh I'm ready for something that looks radically different from those films.

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Some have speculated a lot about that, and it's uncanny. Can't be a coincidence.

As to the aesthetic, there were rumors that they were going to have access to all the assets, TORN said this in 2018: "Amazon has full license to all EXISTING footage, designs, aesthetics and processes that Peter Jackson & team delivered with LOTR & Hobbit. Weta is already bringing the old sets and bigatures out of storage now."

So this is really dope if accurate (and it probably is). JA Bayona also has a strong visual sense, pair him with a great script and I have no doubt he'll deliver magic. Interesting connection also with Bayona and Del Toro being chummy, and obviously, Del Toro working on The Hobbit. I have no doubt there will be a clear visual connection to LOTR and The Hobbit and WETA will be working on it too.

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‘The Lord Of The Rings’: Joseph Mawle To Star In Amazon Series
Game Of Thrones alum Joseph Mawle is set as a lead opposite Will Poulter and Markella Kavenagh in Amazon Studios’ Lord of the Rings TV series, I have learned. Amazon had no comment.

No details about the characters are being revealed but it is believed that English actor Mawle will play the series’ lead villain, Oren, opposite Poulter’s young hero Beldor and female lead Tyra (Kavenagh)

Mawle is known for his role on Game Of Thrones where he played Benjen Stark, a First Ranger of the Night’s Watch, the youngest brother of Eddard (Ned) Stark, and the uncle of the six Stark children: Robb, Rickon, Bran, Sansa, Arya, and Jon Snow. He represents the latest link between HBO’s fantasy mega hit and LOTR, along with GoT co-executive producer Bryan Cogman, who is consulting producer on LOTR, and former HBO EVP Production Bruce Richmond, who worked on GOT and now serves as LOTR executive producer.

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‘The Lord Of the Rings’ Series Gets Early Season 2 Renewal By Amazon, Sets Season 1 Hiatus
As pre-production on Amazon Studios’ high-profile Lord Of the Rings TV series is gearing up in New Zealand, the streamer is moving ahead with an early Season 2 renewal for the sprawling adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy novels. As part of that, Amazon has commissioned the reassembling of the writers room to break the second season. Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke confirmed to Deadline the news that the second season of LOTR is already in the works during the company’s holiday party Sunday night at the H Club in Hollywood.

Amazon Studios acquired global TV rights to The Lord of the Rings in a blockbuster November 2017 deal. It included a multi-season commitment to a LOTR series as well as a potential spinoff series. Still, each consecutive season after the first has to be formally greenlighted by the streaming network.

The early Season 2 pickup is good news for fans as it will allow for a shorter break between the end of Season 1 and the premiere of Season 2 on Prime Video,, which is available in 240-plus countries and territories..

In conjunction with the early renewal, the LOTR series will go on a 4-5-month hiatus after filming the first two episodes from Season 1, directed by J.A. Bayona. The writing team of the series, led by showrunners and executive producers J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay, will use the time to map out and write the bulk of Season 2 scripts.

Taking a break after the opening episode or two is standard practice for shows with straight-to-series orders as it allows producers and executives to step back and evaluate the footage much like they would do with a pilot. By going on a longer than normal hiatus, LOTR will be ready with Season 2 scripts so it could possibly film some Season 2 footage during the Season 1 shoot or even film the remainder of Season 1 and Season 2 back-to-back.

That was a strategy used by Peter Jackson in shooting his blockbuster LOTR movie trilogy, also in New Zealand. That is considered a sensible approach for big-budget productions like LOTR as it helps find efficiencies because every filming ramp-up is expensive. Additionally, by extending the hiatus, the series, which, in keeping with the Tolkien mythology is expected to shoot primarily outdoors, will return to production after the winter season in New Zealand is over.

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Panapaok wrote:
November 19th, 2019, 3:39 am
‘The Lord Of the Rings’ Series Gets Early Season 2 Renewal By Amazon, Sets Season 1 Hiatus
is this an onion article

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‘The Lord Of the Rings’: Lenny Henry, Augustus Prew, Peter Mullan, Cynthia Addai-Robinson & Benjamin Walker Among 20 New Cast Additions On Amazon Series

Bryan Cogman Moves Overall Deal to eOne
Cogman is fresh off a two-year deal with Amazon, where he served as a consulting producer on the retail giant/streamer's highly anticipated TV adaptation of The Lord of the Rings. He departed the series after completing work on scripts for season one. Production on the first season is underway in New Zealand.

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