Am I the only one who thinks the Hurt Locker is overrated?

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I just watched it yesterday, and the characters are cliche and unrealstic, which makes me not care about them. The story is predictable, for instance,
I knew from the moment that Eldridge told his Doctor to come out into the field that he was going to die,
and the writing is pretty much like every war movie in existence. I'd say the only thing this movie really benefits from is strong acting and a good idea to make a movie about. Not to say that all this is a bad thing, but I just don't think it deserved all the hype it got. :shifty:

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I agree with you. I bought it on blu-ray after reading all the positive reviews, my expectations were high. I was very disappointed. The best war movie ever made? I don't think so. Still annoyed it won Best Picture.

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I agree 100%

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I wish I watched the movie when I wasn't sick. The shaky cam made me feel very woozy.

As for the movie itself, its decent and I don't mind that it won Best Picture.

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you are not alone. hurt locker & titanic, i think are the most overrated best picture winners ever.
"All this 'good vs evil' shit's been played out. It's now time for 'BAD VS. EVIL'

-David Ayer on Suicide Squad.

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I do think it's overrated but don't get me wrong, I loved it a lot and thought is was a great film.

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It''s a very well focused and well made filmmaking. Ms. Bigelow's directing efforts is something to learn from when watching "The Hurt Locker" and I think that's why the Academy recognized her work and her vision and awarded her that night instead of Awarding James Cameron. THE HURT LOCKER is 100% times better than AVATAR when it comes to characters, diologues, story and filmmaking. Avatar, in my opinion is just an eye-candy and no disrespect to Mr. Cameron.

I think CRASH is the most overrated film.

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The Hurt Locker was a good movie, but I'd thought that Inglourious Basterds was better. Was disappointed when Tarantino ended up with nothing yet again.

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It is a good process of filmmaking. I can understand that but even with that it's pretty much overrated and didn't deserve the Best Picture.... Inglorious Basterds was much better...

But hey, folks, it was all about politics and about this bullsh*t stuff to support/promote the U.S. Army and all that to make it look cool and unrealistic for "kids" to say.. "I want to be as cool as this guy so I need to join the army so I can be a bad-ass"... :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: I predicted this movie will get the big prizes like 6 months before the academy awards because I knew the politics will get involved and they won't let the academy give the award to whom deserves it but to which movie they thought it will be a great way of promoting something completely stupid...

The movie though, like I said, it's good but not that good...

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:lol: :lol: :lol:

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