The Irishman (2019)

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Any place where I can find this trailer uncompressed? That texture on DeNiro's face is nagging me.

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Eh that mid-fifties (?) De Niro CGI was a bit distracting already. And they're de-aging them far younger than that.

And the trailer was a bit generic

That quote from Thelma Schoonmaker gives me hope anyway
“Interestingly, we’ve only been able to screen for very few people, because they’re wearing some things on their faces, and on their clothes, that tracks their movement… Nobody minds. Nobody minds watching them play young, because they’re gripped.”

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Super generic trailer. Still excited obviously

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Pacino finally in a Scorsese movie is what has me excited more than anything. But I wish it was Richardson rather than Prieto.

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Interestingly enough, it’s Joe Pesci who seems to be the one giving most energy in this, he looks great as always.

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Whatever everything this trailer is AWESOME!!!! Scorsese on fire 8-)

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Trailer was fine, still hyped af for this

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Ummm, kind of underwhelming, especially the CGI.

The trailer makes the film look like a cliched Scorsese mobster movie. I'm sure when the film actually comes out, it will have 100x more class, much better pace and character development than all the Scorsese-wannabe films, and it will have a fascinating mystery story and a potential for a great political/JFK conspiracy, but this trailer didn't really focus on that enough.

Maybe I expected a much bolder de-aging (e.g. a Godfather 2 De Niro), maybe I expected more life in De Niro's performance when working with Scorsese again but it just felt off.

Cinematography looks solid, though, I'll give them that.

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Joe Pesci steals the show.
Beside that, meh.
Movie will be much better, though.

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Can we have some Rolling Stones, please? 8-)

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