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I think the season sort of pealed back the curtain on some bigger issues that have plagued the series since the beginning, whish is what that video above discusses. They just haven't been a huge problem because Freebatch have been maddeningly fun to watch.

But with season 4, the stupidity sort of eclipsed the performances. It's like Moffat and Gatiss either got up their own asses way too much or they were just way to fucking bored/high when writing it.

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I think it'd be way more liked if it weren't for the fact that there's so much length between seasons.

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SilverHeart wrote:I think it'd be way more liked if it weren't for the fact that there's so much length between seasons.

It was very popular over the years and built a huge internet fan base between seasons with people speculating what would occur the next season after the previous season's finale/cliffhanger. Season 4 really took the wind out of the sails, however. Some people think the series began its decline in season 3, although I disagree and if you look at the reviews for those episodes, they are still very highly ranked by critics and fans alike. And I also think many folks now wish season 4 was half as good as season 3. Again, I don't understand the writing decisions made in season 4, other than than had to find a way to
get rid of Mary, because that storyline could only go so far...but as far as the entire secret sister thing, then trying to explain that by using Moriarty years prior,
, it was just so bizarre and beneath the level of writing that this show was accustomed to.

There have been very few television shows that have left me in awe, True Detective (season 1) and Sherlock are two of the very few that did. And I think that is why I was so disappointed with season 4.

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