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OVERMAN wrote:pretty much all the score they had in Kick-Ass was used in "28 days later", I was like WTF?.
And from "Sunshine". It seems they intentionally picked out Boyle movies for the Kick-Ass score. :lol:

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The chase scene from Bourne Supremacy between Matt Damon and Karl Urban

The opposing armies scene in Kingdom of Heaven

The battle between the Spartans and Immortals in 300

The interrogation/kill scene in Pulp Fiction with Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta are sent to kill a guy in his apartment

The escape scene in Terminator 2 where Ahnuld needs to bust out of the building they broke into

The scene in Road to Perdition at the end between Jude Law and Tom Hanks

A scene from The Pacific where Pvt. Sledge can't seem to put someone out of their misery (an incredible scene)

The ending fight scene in Leon, the Professional (damn good flick with Gary Oldman btw)

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