Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

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I want something similar to the IB, and Django.

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He’s taken us deep into criminal underworlds, went back to World War II and, most recently, to the plantations of the deep South. Now for a potential future project Quentin Tarantino might be heading to the future. While the big news out of last night’s Comic-Con panel for his Django Unchained/Zorro comic-book was that The Hateful Eight is back on and set to shoot early next year, the director also let slip a film that would see him jumping to a different genre.

When asked if he’d ever make a science-fiction film, he told the crowd, “There actually is an idea. It’s a little flower right now. It’s a little bean sprout, but those bean sprouts tend to turn into beanstalks. This would be the first time I wouldn’t say, ‘No, not really.’ This is the first time I’d say, ‘Maybe.” It wouldn’t be a spaceship-y type thing — traveling through space, going to other planets — it would be more of an Earth-bound sci-fi thing, but sci-fi nonetheless.”
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That be something a little different for him and Id love to see it. Even if he throws in yet anther revenge plot.

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Not skilled enough for a sci-fi film. Sorry.

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RIFA wrote:Not skilled enough for a sci-fi film. Sorry.

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RIFA wrote:Not skilled enough for a sci-fi film. Sorry.
Let's wait and see. What if it's the dialogue that determines the language of the film and not necessarily the visuals/effects? Sort of like Hampton Fancher's original concept for Blade Runner, "people talking in rooms."

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I'm missing the 1992-1997 (present-day gangster movies) Tarantino

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RIFA wrote:Not skilled enough for a sci-fi film. Sorry.
Why not? Do you think his usual style would be unsuited for a sci-fi?

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RIFA wrote:Not skilled enough for a sci-fi film. Sorry.
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Would definitely like to see his take on sci-fi.

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